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If your title has issued we will make the relevant enquiries to rating authorities and notify them of change of ownership.

The usual First Home Owner Grant conditions apply so if you are a First Home Buyer and have a building contract in place you will not pay stamp duty on your land purchase up to $300,000. If you are a First Home Buyer and do not have a building contract in place you will need to pay the stamp duty and apply for a refund once you build on the land.

We liaise with your bank to ensure that all documents are signed in a timely manner.

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Strata title properties

Whether residential, investment, vacant land or commercial buying or selling is just the beginning.

You choose the settlement agent who will complete your transaction, and you can change settlement agent at any time during the settlement process.

Conditions of settlement are unique to every transaction, but we will ensure that your settlement is completed as smoothly as possible with the minimum of stress.

Once we receive the Offer and Acceptance from either yourself or your real estate agent, we examine it for conditions that must be met to fulfil the contract, these can include finance, termite report or a building report but can be many and varied.

Once the transaction is unconditional, if necessary, we will liaise with your bank regarding the progress of your new mortgage or discharge and the settlement process goes along from there.

If you are purchasing we monitor your transaction for stamp duty, collect your stamp duty cheque and arrange to pay the duty on your behalf. Stamp Duty Estimates are listed on our Guide to Settlement Fees page.

If you are a first home owner we will monitor your application to ensure that you receive the FHOG grant and Stamp Duty concession for settlement.

As a First Home Owner and you intend to live in the property you will not pay Stamp Duty on residential properties up to $500,000.

As a First Home Owner purchasing Vacant Land, with a building contract in place you will not pay stamp duty up to $300,000. If no building contract is in place at the time of purchasing the land the usual stamp duty rate applies.

We notify all rating authorities of the change of ownership and ensure that all rates and taxes are paid at settlement, or if the rates have not issued in the case of a sub division we hold monies in trust and pay these as they issue.

We attend settlement on your behalf to supervise the handover of the cheques and legal documents and the lodging of those documents where necessary.

After settlement we monitor Landgate to ensure that the property has been transferred into your name and either send you the Duplicate Certificate of Title (for a cash purchase) or a copy of the Duplicate Certificate of Title, your mortgagee will hold the Title on your behalf until the mortgage has been discharged.

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