Building Inspection Report


Not all Offer and Acceptance contracts will include a building inspection report, but at the time of signing your contract you can ask to have a building inspection report included.

Your building inspector will usually provide a comprehensive report on the condition of the property, and if any structural problems are present.

A pre purchase building inspection report investigates all components of construction in a property, including a visual inspection of the plumbing and electrical installations.

The report will ensure the property that you are purchasing will have no hidden structural defects or maintenance items that may be costly if not exposed prior to the settlement of the home.

Your inspection should be carried out by a reputable Registered Building Inspector or Structural Engineer.
The report will consider serious safety hazards requiring urgent repairs to make safe. Minor defects are generally superficial and typically fit into normal or expected property maintenance routines, although your contract may include minor defects, general wear and tear should be considered along with the age of the property.
Beyond the scope of normal property maintenance would be major defects that require the seller to either repair or replace the defect.

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